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At DCC, we offer distinct service options tailored to meet the unique needs of you, your family, and your business. Our transparent approach highlights the differences between the offerings and allows you to make an informed decision about which services your family needs. With our flat fee pricing, you know the exact amount you are paying for your advice – your advisory costs do not increase simply because your portfolio value does.

One-Time Financial Plan

  • Retirement Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Investment Analysis
  • Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Detailed Financial Plan with Recommendations and Action Items
One-Time Pricing:

Investment Advisory

  • Scientifically Based Investment Strategy
  • Customized, Professionally Designed Portfolio Matched to Your Goals and Risk Profile
  • Cost-Efficient Portfolio Management
  • Continuous Portfolio Oversight and Monitoring
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Performance Reporting
  • Access to DIY Personal Finance Tools
  • Interactive Client Dashboard
  • Annual Review Meeting (at minimum)

Wealth Management

  • All Services of a Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Proactive, Ongoing Monitoring and Updating of Financial Plan
  • All Services in Investment Advisory
  • Philanthropic and Legacy Planning
  • Multi-Generational Estate & Tax Planning
  • Family Business Strategy Consultation
  • Seamless Outside Expert Coordination and Collaboration
  • Semi-Annual Review Meetings (at minimum)
Starting at $7500/yr

*Financial planning is also available on an ongoing monthly ($250/month) or quarterly ($750/quarter) retainer basis, which includes proactive, ongoing monitoring and updating of the financial plan and periodic meetings. Initial plan design fee discounted to $2500 if client chooses an ongoing financial planning engagement.

Financial Planning

Starting from a big picture standpoint, we design a long-term strategy with specific recommendations to help you reach the dynamic goals you have for you and your family. With your long-term goals as our guide, we work collaboratively with you to design, execute, and monitor a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your personal situation. Our fiduciary advice offers options and helps you balance financial tradeoffs and avoid potential pitfalls. Financial planning engagements are available on either a one-time or ongoing basis.

Retirement Planning
  • Will we have enough money saved to retire? When?
  • How will social security factor into my retirement income?
  • How much will we be able to spend each year in retirement?
Cash Flow Planning
  • How much can we afford to spend on a house?
  • Which debt balance should we pay off first?
  • Do we have an adequate emergency fund?
Estate Planning
  • Do we need (or need to update) a will, power of attorney, or healthcare directive?
  • Would a trust be appropriate in my situation?
  • How does the relationship work between DCC and our estate lawyer?
Tax Planning
  • How do we utilize tax-advantaged accounts to their fullest?
  • Are there ways to minimize our taxes or take additional deductions?
  • Can DCC work in conjunction with our accountant or recommend one?
Education Planning
  • Should we save for college or retirement first?
  • How much do we need to save per year to pay for college?
  • How do we navigate the financial aid process?
Charitable Planning
  • Should we be giving cash, stock or other assets to charity?
  • How do we balance our charitable giving with our other goals?
  • Would a donor-advised fund allow us to make more impactful contributions?
Investment Analysis
  • Are our current investments appropriate for our goals?
  • What selections should I make in my 401(k)?
  • Where do you recommend we invest our money?
Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Is our home and our autos appropriately insured?
  • Do we need disability, long-term care, or umbrella insurance?
  • How much life insurance do we need?

Investment Advisory

The DCC investment strategy is designed to maximize the probability of you reaching your financial goals. Our experience has taught us that when we focus on the long-term and control what we can control – costs, tax consequences, and our behavior – enhanced investment results tend to follow.

We harness the power of capital markets and build strategic investment portfolios driven by financial science to pursue higher expected investment returns. The portfolios are customized to meet your financial needs and engineered to minimize unnecessary costs, maximize the benefits of diversification, and capture the returns of asset classes. We continuously monitor the portfolio for any necessary adjustments and provide accountability along the way. In doing so, we guide your portfolio through strong markets, as well as turbulent ones.

Scientifically Based Investment Strategy
  • What risks are worth taking in investing and which are not?
  • What are the benefits of diversifying a portfolio across asset classes?
  • Does the evidence show that active managers or passive investments produce higher returns?
Customized, Professionally Designed Portfolio
  • How do we optimize our investment allocation to meet our goals and match our risk tolerance?
  • Should we use a strategic or tactical asset allocation?
  • What are the most important factors we can control to add value over the long term?
Cost-Efficient Portfolio Management
  • Should we seek to maximize pre-tax or after-tax returns?
  • How do we minimize trading costs in our accounts?
  • Do low expense ratios really make a difference?
Continuous Portfolio Oversight and Monitoring
  • What are the benefits of rebalancing an investment portfolio?
  • How do we know when it is appropriate to make a change to the investment allocation?
  • Do we need an investment policy statement?

Wealth Management

The wealth management offering includes all the benefits in the financial planning and investment advisory packages, while layering on additional planning services specific to the complexity of your situation. Multi-generational and legacy planning, family business strategy consulting, and extensive collaboration with outside experts (accountants or estate lawyers, for example) are all included.

This is our most comprehensive solution for your family and allows for a single point of contact to provide guidance on all aspects of your financial life. Providing independent, objective advice, we specialize in simplifying your family’s unique financial picture and focusing the long-term direction. We continuously monitor your situation and proactively engage with you as any changes in your life arise.

Financial Planning
Everything in the financial planning offering, including:
  • Retirement Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Investment Analysis
  • Insurance Needs Analysis
Investment Advisory
Everything in the investment advisory offering, including:
  • Scientifically Based Investment Strategy
  • Customized, Professionally Designed Portfolio
  • Cost-Efficient Portfolio Management
  • Continuous Portfolio Oversight and Monitoring
Philanthropic and Legacy Planning
  • Should we create any charitable vehicles to make our philanthropic contributions? What are the pros and cons?
  • How do we decide how much to give to charity vs. leave to our heirs?
  • Are there any closely held assets that could help us maximize our charitable legacy?
Multi-Generational Estate & Tax Planning
  • How do we balance maintaining control of our assets with optimizing our estate value for our heirs?
  • How do we educate our children (and grandchildren) about wealth and being good stewards of their inheritance?
  • Are there strategies that can help us keep our family business in the family?
Outside Expert Coordination
  • How do we choose an estate planning attorney or accountant?
  • Is the previous estate planning, trust, or accounting work we’ve had done still appropriate?
  • How do we communicate with all of our trusted professionals all at once? Can DCC help us manage that?
Business Strategy Consultation
  • How do we balance our personal family relationships with the goals and needs of the family business?
  • What strategies are available to prepare for succession of the family business to the next generation?
  • How do the decisions we make regarding the family business impact our wealth management strategies outside of the business?

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